2017 Cuffing Pre-Season in Full Swing

As a crisp breeze kissed my face and I see department stores ramping up on holiday décor with the seasonal Pumpkin Spice aroma (and flavor) floating in the air…it hit me. Cuffing season is upon us. Now as we assess our roster and cut-down to our starting 5 it is important to remember crucial factors in deciding WHO exactly will we boo up for the official 2017 Cuffing season which begins November 1st. (Please note: Although many variables factor in to who you should select for the top position, these are just a few skills and talents your top pick should possess.


It shouldn’t have to be said, but I will. Cuffing season is about a boo to not only keep you warm on the outside, but you can light the fire within (ahem! not only the fire between your legs) Your prospect should have a steady source of income, afford to shower you with gifts during the holidays, and have a comfortable bed well-equipped to spooning…and the things that follow.

1.Make your pre-season count! Be sure to put your prospects through the ringer. Make sure they are up to the tasks of opening doors, picking you up on dates, returning calls and texts within a reasonable time, etc.

2.Ensure your cuffing boo’s endurance is up to the challenge of holding you for hours at a time and that the arena (primarily couches and beds) are clean and comfortable.

3.Make sure your prospect has a giving heart. Let’s face it, the cold season is about over-sized clothes to hide holiday weight, good food, and nice gifts for Christmas. Candidates should be generous (within reason of course) and want to go the extra mile to put  a smile on your face.

4.Estimate your prospects nookie-I mean- snuggle factor- grooming and hygiene matter! Shorter days and longer nights means a lot of close contact. No one wants to be in close quarters with a mobile garbage can.

5.Check your feelings. Control your feelings, don’t let your feelings control. Cuffing season is from Nov.1 to March 1. As the snow melts and temperatures begin to rise- often times cuffing buddies grow cold. Be prepared.

Although this blog may seem cold and calculating (kind of like Christmas consumerism pushed by big corporations) a good strategy always equals a successful cuffing season. Don’t get it twisted- we are no Grinch to love, and if a winter thing turns into spring fling then a summer ring we are here for it!



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