You’ve had a super solid interview (congrats boo)! Not only have you totally KILLT your interview questions, you managed to share a couple of laughs with the hiring manager and feel like you’re a stand out candidate for the job. Now, its your turn to ask the questions. This is probably one of the most overlooked and underestimated portion of the interview. Let us never forget, we have have to make sure this job is  good fit for you too. Hell, working 40+ hours a week means you will spend more time with those you work with than your own family. With that being said, here are 5 questions to help shed light on if the job is right for you while also impressing your soon-to-be employer.

“How do you rate success for someone in this role?” Face it, job descriptions never totally paint the entire picture of a job. How often have you been required to do things outside of your job description with the job you have now? This question helps give you more insight into the day to day responsibilities while also laying out exactly what the expectations are for the company/business you are interviewing for. This asks, what do you expect of a person in this role and how will you know if they are meeting the expectations of the company.

“What are the biggest challenges that the person in this position faces?” We all need to know potential pitfalls of any job position, especially if it cost the person who was in the position before you their job. Also, when you know the challenges, you will be more equipped and prepared to overcome them. Added bonus, if you have found yourself in similar sticky situations in the past and came out on top- talk about how you overcame them and the steps you took! Don’t use this question to further sell yourself (that’s a no-go), only share a story if it is appropriate and in context of the conversation.

Ask the question you really care about. Self-explanatory…next.

“What set folks who did well in this position apart from those who excelled and did great in this position?” This question is probably the most loaded and best question to ask in an interview. Employers want the brightest and best who strive for excellence point blank. This questions sets you up, in the eyes of the employer, as someone thoughtful and driven. Also, the answer gives you further insight if the job is going to be a right fit for you. If it is, then you just heard straight from the horse’s mouth on how to kick a** in this new position.

What are the next steps after this interview? This question gives you peace of mind and provides a timeline on when you can expect to hear from the hiring manager. Instead of stressing on the call back, you can focus on a date to hear back from them. If this date comes and go, you are now in a wonderful position to call/email stating that you were told a decision was to be made around this time and if there was any update.MU

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