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Colors to Choose to Get Chose for the Job You Want

So you got the call back for a job you recently applied for (congratulations!)…now for the tough part- WHAT TO WEAR! Okay, maybe your interpersonal skills and past job experiences should get a tad more priority over your wardrobe, but don’t underestimate the power of the unspoken language- your interview outfit of course. Now, many studies have been conducted over the years that breaks down the best and worst colors to wear to your next interview, here is what your color choice could say about you.

BEST COLORS TO WEAR: Colors on the conservative portion of the color wheel tend to convey that you are safe bet for hire. These colors include blue, black, gray and brown. Blue, especially navy, seems to interview the best because the color is associated with trust, confidence and a team player attitude. Interviewees who wear navy tend to get hired more often. Opting to wear black? Black communicates leadership and often times chicness and glam. Make sure you have a friendly and approachable when wearing black, as it can also be viewed as being cold and unapproachable. Brown can most definitely get you hire as well. Because brown is a earth tone you come across as dependable and reliable (for sure wins for the employers!). Studies have also looked in the color white. Although white communicates that you are organized, it can also come across as dull and boring so make sure you set your personality on 10 so you don’t blend into the wall behind you. Wanting to exude power and passion? Then red (a personal fave) is the color play for you boo. Red is good for persuading and impressing! Does the job require more of a logical and an analytical pe4rsonality- experts say gray is the play.

COLORS TO AVOID: Now I am definitely NOT saying that you will not get hired if you wear these colors. But what I am saying is that the following colors, according to hiring managers, come across as loud, creative, and high energy, but not necessarily as dependable and trustworthy (which is what most hiring managers are looking for). Now if you hiring for a creative position or a more new age/wave company then I say go for it. These colors include purple, orange, green, and yellow.

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