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Get What You’re Owed This Tax Season: Earned Income Tax Credit

A beautiful season is upon us. A season in which we are slightly compensated for having to pay for things we will never benefit from, take Social Security for example or Medicare. I believe that we should match the diligence and passion we receive by Uncle Sam when he takes (cause baby he not want everything he is due and will go to extremes like garnishing your wages to do it!) from us, by making sure he pays us back every single cent we are due. Proceed to the information below to make sure you are collecting all your coins!

What is the Earned Income Credit?

The Earned Income Credit is a benefit for tax payers to reduce the amount of tax you owe and may give you a refund.

Do You Qualify for the Earned Income Credit?

– Must have Earned Income from working for yourself or someone else.

– Your Earned Income does not exceed a certain amount

– You may qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit with or without a qualifying child

– Must be at least 25 but under 65 years old at the end of tax year

– Meet other basic rules

Click to hereĀ access the Earned Income Tax Credit Assistant to find out if you are eligible and estimate the amount of the credit you may get! (IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: If you claim the Earned Income Tax Credit, by law the IRS, cannot issue your refund before Mid-February)

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