Happy Birthday to King of Pop

When the title “King of Pop” doesn’t quite cover the magnitude and impact a man has made on the world…you know you witnessed something very rare and truly special. The countless dancers, singers, entertainers etc. that he inspired and influenced are to many to number. A life full of accomplishments and success saw its share of turmoil, pain, and controversy, but no matter what your thoughts and opinions of his personal life may be, no one can dispute his unparalleled talent and influence on the music industry that has and will continue to transcend race, musical genres, and generations. Happy Birthday Michael!

Let us not forget…Michael Jackson won 13 Grammys, was inducted to the Hall of Fame TWICE!, inducted into the Song Writer’s Hall of Fame- just to name a few. 5 of Michael Jackson’s solo albums rank as the highest selling albums worldwide, Thriller remains the best selling album of all time. He has sold over 750 million albums worldwide.



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