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As the day goes on, let us not forget the monumental sacrifices to those who dared to dream of a better world, a world where character sums up the man and not the color of his skin. Dr. King was not a perfect man, but he was a man of action, being driven by his God given purpose. Purpose will always be found in helping others, serving others, and committing yourself to a calling that you are willing to die for if need be. Though Dr. King deserves every accolade counted to his name, plus some, let us not miss this moment to acknowledge and thank those whose name we don’t know that bled, cried, prayed ceaselessly, confronted hatred head on, offered their bodies to flesh tearing dogs, the unhinged brutality of police officers, the spits in the face, the hair pulling, the irony that they put their humanity on the line to be dehumanized in order to claim their birth right, that in fact, they are human….all for what was to be a better life, a brighter future, a more just country. Let us reflect on those who gave it all, even their lives, and ask ourselves: Do we bring honor to Dr. King and nameless others who gave more than you and I may ever be willing to give, or do we cloak their movement with dishonor? May we all be moved to never let the eternal flame of freedom die out.

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