Congrats, boo!! You went after that job you wanted and put yourself out there! Now, to make we sure we stand out as the star candidate we are and not get lost in the pile of resumes, means we must go above and beyond.  To separate yourself from the crowd, it’s always a great idea to send a follow-up email after submitting a resume or after a job interview. Read on to discover how to write a super simple follow-up email and manifest that job offer!

  1. Write the follow-up email between 1-2 weeks after interviewing or submitting your application. (If it’s a job you really want or you know is highly competitive you may consider a 48-hour follow-up email).
  2. Use clear subject line: Keep it simple on the subject line and just use your first and last name + job you applied for. Ex: Kaloni J. + Music Programmer
  3. Be polite. Address them with a Mr. or Ms. and thank them for taking their time to consider you as candidate. If the email is following up on an interview be sure to thank them for the interview.
  4. Keep it short but be sure to briefly discuss your strengths/highlights and why you’re a good fit for the job.
  5. Ask. Ask any questions you may have thought about after the interview or after submitting your application. Additionally, always ask when you can expect to hear the status of your application or if you got the job or not.
  6. Thank them again.
  7. Sign the email.
  8. Edit. Re-read the email for any misspelled words or grammatical errors. Always a good idea to have a person who is good at revision to lay eyes and look for any errors.

See a follow-up email example below:


Subject Line: Kaloni J. + Music Programmer

Hello Ms. Smith,

Thank you meeting with me  and for the opportunity to be the next music programmer at (place the name of company or business here). It was great meeting with you and learning that much of what the position entails I am not only able to meet, but to exceed.

My 5+ year experience in programming music at my current job, ability to work across multiple programming softwares, and experience in building customizable music programs makes me a strong candidate to fill this position. Additionally, (this is a great place to add any additional skills/gifts/awards/achievements that may strengthen your position for the job. ***Remember, only add one but no more than 2 additional skills/gifts/awards/achievements. We are keeping it short!)

Furthermore, what is the timeline you expect to have this position filled by?

Again, thank you for your time and consideration. I can be reached  at 318-123-4567. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Kaloni J.


****BONUS TIP: Attach resume to the email so the hiring manager can quickly review it if they need too.

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