Kaloni J. Tip of the Day: 2-Minute Rule Part 2 REMIX

Monday we talked about finishing tasks, responses, chores that take less than 2 minutes to complete. Today, we remix the two minute rule and chop it up about starting tasks, projects, goals, etc. for two minutes. Got things you have been wanting to start…maybe it a blog, reading a book, taking a trip, or learning something new. The two minute rule remix says that you should start whatever that vision is and simple spend two minutes on it. The next natural questions is: “Kaloni what can I accomplish in only two minutes?” To that, this is my response. Have you ever walked into a room where a show was  on tv and next thing you know you have sat down watched the entire episode? Worse yet, did you ever accidentally binge watch the show (on accident)? Okay next question, have you ever went on ig to see something maybe a post you heard about, or some tea that just got poured into your cup? Then, next  thing you know maybe its 20 minutes later or even a hour you’ve spent scrolling. There’s is something called the physics of life (I may have made that up) but the theory is that often times when we start something for a brief period of time, like two minutes, you will naturally do whatever it is for way longer. That book you have been meaning to read. Read it for two minutes and see if you wind up reading the whole chapter. Progess no matter how small is still progress and even the smallest steps will still bring you to your ultimate goal. EEEEOOOOOOWWWW!



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