Kaloni J. Tip of the Day: 2 Minute Rule

Okay… let’s be honest, we all can use a little help in life improvement. With the new year right around the corner, let’s get a jump start in the right direction with super simple tactics to make your day to day smoother. Now some of these will yield immediate results while others may take time. Either way, we got this!

Kaloni J. Tip of the Day:  The 2-Minute Rule Part 1

  1. If a task, chore, response takes less than two minutes…do it right then. How often do we not respond to a text or email and feel slightly awkward for responding so late or not at all (guilty!)? This method is great for household chores too. For example, sort the mail right then when you check it. Toss out the junk mail and put the rest in a designated spot. Put dishes in the dishwasher and not the sink. Clean things up immediately instead of saying you will just clean it later.


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