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Monday Money Maker: Freddie Figgers

Monday is all about manifestation and pushing purpose. Highlighted in this week’s ‘Money Maker’ we highlight Freddie Figgers. Freddie Figgers is owner and CEO of the only black-owned telecommunications network in the country. What does this mean? The brother owns his own wireless carrier network and manufactures his own cellular devices called F3, which you can pre-order now!

Freddie’s story begins as an abandoned new born found in the dumpster and adopted by his parents at 2 days old. Receiving a broken computer at age 9, the young Figgers would go on to re-build the computer (which he still uses today!), at 12 years old he would go on to invent a two-way communicator and GPS tracking system built-in shoes for his father who suffered from Alzheimers. At 15, he started his own cloud computing services. He would drop out of school after being asked to develop a computer program for $80,000. Figgers then would re-invest that money into himself and start Figgers Communication.

Today, Freddie is the youngest person to hold  FCC license which allows him to operate his own cell phone company, Figgers Wireless. Additionally, Figgers is the only black-owned telecommunications company in the country to manufacture their own phones, and have their own talk, text, and data plans. Other ventures pursed by this pioneer include Figgers Health and FiggCash, a debit and credit card line issued through Visa and MasterCard. Figgers Wireless has a net worth of $62.3 million dollars.

Click here to learn more about the F3. All pre-orders receive FREE F Bud earphones!  The F3 comes with:

  • unlimited talk, text, and data
  • 1 TB of storage
  • Water Resistant
  • Use globally
  • 18 Megapixel Camera
  • Wireless charging
  • Multi-user profile
  • 5G
  • Affordable Price

Need help ordering? Call 1-800-223-5435

Watch the video to learn more about Freddie Figgers.

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