Now…what had happened?

News comes faster than an adolescent boy these days (ahem)…on that note (that prayerfully doesn’t get me fired), here is what you missed…yesterday.

  1. Cardi B. announced she is dropping her highly anticipated debut album titled, “Invasion of Privacy”. Sis’s artwork for the cover is siiiiiick. Album drops next week on April 9th. The young female MC is already set to sell 500,000 copies.
  2. Tiffany Haddish had the beyhive all in a buzz (see what I did there) and in a state of emergency when she revealed in an interview that she was about to fight an actress for biting the face of Beyoncé at a party! Now, we know there’s some freaky -ish going down in Hollywood, but we like to think they try to keep it behind closed doors. Though Tiffany did not reveal the name of the actress, the internet’s super investigators are on the job so its really only a matter of time. ***taps foot, glances at watch repeatedly…we’ll wait not so patiently.
  3. Lil Wayne and Birdman seem to have smoothed out their differences. The once father and son duo (can you divorce your dad?) were seen embracing and taking pics at a nightclub in Miami. All I knows is…..if somebody owe me 50 mill…only thing I got to say to you is “RUN ME MONEY!” Yea, I know everything isn’t about money. I guess it’s easy to not miss a milli x50 when you already rich af.***shrugs
  4. Badgal Riri drops new body glitter called ‘Lava’ from her beauty line Fenty, along with the sexiest shoulder video you will ever see in your life.
  5. Saudi-Arabia and Friends (to include the Unites States)commit $1.5 billion PR marketing ploy to hide the humanitarian crisis that claimed the lives of 150,000 people who starved to death last year, and where every ten minutes a child dies from starvation or preventable disease, presently. Being known as the Yemen genocide, Saudi Arabia and Company has blockaded critical ports that import life saving essentials like food, supplies and medicine to the people of Yemen. Read more here.


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