Plain Jane Remix feat. Nicki Minaj

It appears that Nicki Minaj’s solo project is something like balloon boy…”h@8 you was neva there” (my fellow barbz will get it). Point being, we hear about it, but yet, we haven’t seen it. As it were, Nicki has hopped on numerous remixes and dropped countless collaborations all year long- some lukewarm and others pure gold. With lines like “I go hard in the booth, Biggie vibes gimme the loot, Ima classy millionaire b****** aint got the couth. C-O-U-T-H cause you can’t spell it either. If I call him then he comin homes runnin Derek Jeter.” Her latest collaboration with A$AP FERG is definitely the latter and for your listening pleasure click the link below. “Plain Jane” a renewal of the classic “Slob on My Knob” was a banger from jump- however it has reached new heights with the addition of Minaj. My only complaint…FERG should have changed his first verse.



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