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Sometimes things that were meant for our good, can actually be harmful for our health. Case in point, the small handheld device that brings us so much joy and convenience- is actually slowly weighing heavy on us- literally. Scientific studies show that as we look down to send a text message, read an email, or check a post we are really adding an extra 60 lbs. on our neck and spine! On average, the human head weighs between 10-12 lbs, but as we look down (think chin to chest like when you’re looking down at your phone) we add more force to our neck. Medical publications and surgeons alike agree that at 60 degrees (chin to chest) surges the force acting upon our neck. Think about dangling your 60-lb. niece or son around your neck every time you look down….yikes, right? The prolonged hours that get lost on social media or the constant looking down at our phones cause the natural curvature in your neck to progressively straighten which can cause extra stress and wearing of the spine that could lead to surgery.

To make matters even worse, new studies show these tiny computers we gaze upon day after day are having evolutionary effects on our children and future generations. The results suggest that young people are developing what appears to be a horn or a horn-like growth coming from the skull, right above the neck. Researches are saying phone technology is to blame. Also called, “text neck”, scientist say this is the first discovery of changes in the body in response to phone use- a thickening of bone (kinda like a callous on your finger). What does this mean for our bodies? Well, not good. It’s a degenerative process seen in the young adult population. Headaches, neck back and head pain, are amongst the top ailments of this condition. The solution: protect your neck by holding your phone in front of you whenever possible. Chin up, little ducks!

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