Zero Balance Budget Blog

So, like so many others I DEFINITELY struggle with budgeting and saving. I mean…sometimes it seems as though my check doesn’t stretch the whole two weeks and I find myself swiping my credit card (I hear “Swiper no swiping” everytime I do), or at times I even get on my bank app to make a transfer from my savings account (big no no). Discipline lacking, I swipe and I transfer. With that being said, I see home buying on the horizon and reeeeaaaallly need to get a better grasp and be more disciplined with my spending habits. Although I say “I ball on budget” (which I do-ish) it’s time to be way more intentional and responsible with my funds. I did a little research and by unanimous decision of the many voices in my head (I am a Gemini)….we have decided to try this “zero-balance budget” and see if we can make the ends stretch like Nicki Minaj’s floor length bundles. Maybe you feel like you don’t make enough money to save, or you could feel like you can be saving more, or maybe you just don’t know how to save. No matter where you are in your saving journey, I hope this helps****fingers crossed.

What is zero-based budgeting?

Basically, you account for every single dollar you have. That means every single George Washington serves a purpose and goes toward something like bills, debt, or savings. E V E R Y S I N G L E one until you end up at $0.00 balance. No, that doesn’t mean you broke! It means you have allocated all your money to a purpose and you’ve minimized wasteful spending (so guilty of this because I feel like I deserve majority of things I want!).

How do I start?

I plan on making my own video…one day….until then meet Brian. He is hella monotone (you’ve been warned), talks slow, doesn’t use big words, and is easy to follow. Click Link –>

Today, I plan on sitting down and writing down my financial goals because you can’t make a plan to go somewhere without first knowing where you’re going. I know I want to be debt free. At the moment, I have a car note, credit card debt, and student loans. Next, I will write my budget until I zero my budget. I even plan on using the envelope strategy. I will not, however, be mobbin’ around with those damn white envelopes 🙂 I will upload a picture to show you what I use. Today, I choose to be financially intentional and reach my money goals until I pay my debt and get my home. Pray for ya girl!

Bonus: This is a Dave Ramsey strategy. Also, I follow this pretty kick ass woman on the gram who is motivating and winning at this debt freedom/financially winning/saving dinero sh*t. She follows Dave Ramsey’s Snowball Strategy too. @financiallyintentional



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